The 4-part Caravan & Camper-Trailer 

“Evaluation, Comparison, Contract & Inspection” 

provides a comprehensive check-list to best ensure that your new Caravan or Camper-Trailer is all that you expect it to be.

This check-list is freely available for anyone to use.

If you would like an experienced independent engineer to assist you, you can for a modest fee, obtain the services of a suitable person from the CCA.  This will best ensure that, for your expensive purchase, you have a professional non-emotional person to carefully vet all aspects of the purchase.

If a Dealer or Manufacturer cannot “tick all of the boxes” by having a thorough knowledge of the proposed vehicle, be extremely careful.

Buying a high-quality fully-compliant RV from a respected and knowledgeable Dealer or Manufacturer will greatly increase the probability of having a safe, reliable and durable vehicle, with a high re-sale value.