The CCA conducts, for a modest fee, professional independent Quality Assessments for RV Manufacturers and Importers.

The assessment covers the following aspects:


             Quality Program



             Random Vehicle

This audit is not a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the operation of the business, but is intended to provide potential customers, of a caravan or camper-trailer from the business, a reasonable degree of assurance that the vehicle has been assessed as having been designed and built in a professional manner, employing recognised engineering and quality practices. 

Disclaimer:  While it is a detailed assessment, based on accepted Quality

Assurance procedures, it is not a concrete-guarantee that all vehicles made

by the Manufacturer or Importer are of the same apparent acceptable standard. 

A copy of the Assessment Check-list is freely available to the public.

The assessment is based on the “SUTI” (Single Uniform Type Inspection)

principle. If the assessment is deemed to be satisfactory, the Manufacturer

or Importer will be issued with a Certificate, and will be permitted to affix a

Quality Label.  There is no mandatory requirement to do this.  Assessments

will be conducted typically twice a year.