The CCA conducts, for a modest fee, professional independent Compliance Audits for caravan and camper-trailer Manufacturers and Importers.

The assessment covers the ADR (Australian Design Rule) and AS (Australian Standard) requirements, as per VSB-1 (Vehicle Standards Bulletin No: 1, as issues by Vehicle Safety Standards in Canberra).

To be accepted as complying, the audited vehicle must have the following


             Weigh-bridge (stating Tare Mass and empty Ball-loading)

             ADR 62 / VSB-1 compliance (coupling & A-frame strength)

             Electrical Approval

             Gas Approval

Disclaimer:  While it is a detailed assessment of one representative vehicle,

it is not a concrete-guarantee that all caravans and camper-trailers made by

the Manufacturer or Importer are of the same apparent acceptable

standard of compliance. 

A copy of the Compliance Audit Check-list is freely available to the public.

The audit is based on the “SUTI” (Single Uniform Type Inspection) principle.

If the audit is deemed to be satisfactory, the Manufacturer or Importer will

be issued with a Certificate, and will be permitted to affix a Compliance Label. 

There is no mandatory requirement to do this.  Audits will be conducted

typically twice a year.