The Caravan Council of Australia, registered with ASIC, has been formed to assist the local Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. It will provide professional independent Services to all RV clients.

The CCA will assist both locally-made and imported Recreational Vehicles, and will assist Dealers and Owners, as well as potential Buyers.

Vehicle Compliance, Safety and Quality are the prime areas of interest and action.

It will not be involved in - or in any way compete or conflict with - State Association issues, or RV lifestyle-promotional activities. 

“Recreational Vehicles” include Caravans, Camper/Tent Trailers, Motorhomes, Camper-Vans,
Slide-Ons, and 5th-Wheelers.


The prime Aim is to best ensure a “level playing field”, in that both locally-manufactured and imported RVs are fully compliant and of acceptable quality, so that RV buyers can have confidence in the vehicles that they purchase.



To enhance the image, and improve the professionalism, of the RV Industry.
To best ensure 100%-compliance and high-quality of all marketed RVs.



Industry:  Recreational Vehicles… all vehicle aspects, except Parks       


RV manufacturers & Importers, Dealers, RV Owners & prospective buyers



Technical and commercial assistance, concentrating on Compliance, Safety & Quality